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Crosslake Community School

Here for your student,
here for the environment

Dedicated to guiding students to grow in stewardship.

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Education and environment
go hand-in-hand here

Crosslake Community School’s professional and dedicated staff care about educating your students where they are – whether that is seat based or online. We focus on education and environment creating a safe and fun space for all types of learners.

Our seat-based and online learning opportunities are both free to the public and fully accredited. We are dedicated to challenging students and guiding them to grow in stewardship.

Who is Crosslake Community School?

We are an educational institution ready to meet students where they’re at.

Crosslake Community School is a free, public charter school that offers a seat-based program for students kindergarten to 8th grade and an online program  for grades kindergarten to graduation. We also offer a fee-based pre-kindergarten learning program.

We focus on more than just education at Crosslake Community School. We also focus on high achievement, environmental learning and good stewardship.

Environmental Education
Hands-On Learning
Small Class
“Crosslake Community School is small enough that all the teachers get to know the students in all grades but also knowledgeable enough to challenge each student to their own level.”
Seat-Based Program
“I truly appreciate the supportive approach and positive encouragement my son receives. I also like the great communication with both students and parents.”
Online Program
“I was going through a really rough patch in my life and was not mentally capable of going to in person school. Once I switched to online it really helped my mental health and I have grown to really like doing online. ”
Online Program

2023-2024 Enrollment

Join us in person for hands-on learning or online for at-home self-paced learning.

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