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Here for your student,
here for the environment

seat-based program

In-person kindergarten through 8th grade learning

We provide a unique learning environment by specializing in multi-age classrooms and parent-guardian/teacher /student partnerships.

By design, our classes are limited to 19 students, which provides for very personalized, high-quality educational experiences difficult to duplicate in larger school settings.

Seat-based learning is a more traditional way of learning, but Crosslake Community School strives to make it even more engaging and rewarding. We want every student to thrive in their learning environment, which is why we also integrate an environmental focus into all of our learning. We want to help build good environmental stewards at all ages.

Your success is our success

Learn more about enrollment opportunities

At Crosslake Community School, we care about how each and every student is doing because their success is our success. If you are interested in seat-based learning, contact us to schedule a visit. We’d love to show you what we’re all about.

Tuition Free

Grades K-8

2024-2025 School Year

Download and complete the K-8 Application Form for the 2024-2025 school year

Email seatbasedadmissions@crosslakekids.org to submit your K-8 enrollment application or if you have any questions regarding enrollment.

  • Applications need to be emailed to seatbased admissions@crosslakekid.org.  The Director and the teaching staff will determine placement.  Some classrooms might have waiting lists.  Your application might need to be added to a waitlist.

Crosslake Community Seat-based Learning

Classroom Supply Lists
2023-2024 School Year

(click class name for supply list link)
Pre-Kindergarten, Mrs. O’Brien
Kindergarten, Ms. Steffen
Kindergarten-1st Grade, Mrs. Glazier
1st-2nd Grade, Mr. Cutkay
3rd-4th Grade, Mrs. Powers
3rd-4th Grade, Mr. Williams
2024-2025 School Year 5th-8th Grades, Mrs. Laasch (science), Mr. O’Brien (math), Mr. Swanson (social studies), Mrs. Veit (language arts)

Getting our hands dirty

Integrating the environment into our learning

Regardless of age and grade, we believe students can learn and grow to be environmental stewards.

We intertwine environmental education at each grade level. Our seat-based students have the opportunity to learn outdoors in our school forest and indoors in our solarium. Our curriculum is hands on, and students spend a portion of their time outdoors each day. They also meet their online counterparts to do fun activities together such as planting trees or restoring shoreline.

For our K-5 students, the environment is woven into all standard curriculum such as science, art and crafts, math and more.

Our middle school students, grades 6-8, have unique courses such as Human Encounters with Nature, which incorporates art and environmental education.

A different perspective

Highly achieving alongside our students

Our seat-based students at Crosslake Community School get to discover together in multi-age classrooms, creating a unique learning experience. They also get to dig in the dirt and become good environmental stewards at a young age.

In addition to our successful teaching, Crosslake Community School’s staff and board members pride ourselves on being financially healthy and high achieving each year.

  • Our school is an annual recipient of the  Minnesota Department of Education’s Finance  award for strong fiscal management and health.
  • We have been granted “Reward Status” two years in a row as one of the top 15 percent of all schools in the state of Minnesota on MCA test scores and our closing of the achievement gap.
  • In 2016, we were recognized by the Department of Ed as a  “High Quality Charter School,” making us one of the top 35 Public Charter Schools in the State of Minnesota.


Our Pre-k learning helps kids
transition into future stewards

Our fee-based Pre-kindergarten learning is available all day, every day and helps kids focus on the environment around them. Classes are capped at 15 students with one licensed teacher and one paraprofessional to keep class size small and focused on our students and their needs. 

Our littlest learners
per week
$ 100


Per Day
$ 20


Parents/guardians are charged for each full day your child is signed up to attend. If they are absent or on vacation, you will still be charged. If school closes for any reason, you will not be charged.

Kids Care Program

Spend extra time with friends before or after school

Sometimes parent or guardian schedules don't line up with student schedules. We can help.

Crosslake Community School offers the KIDS Care Program from 7-8 a.m. before school and 3:15-6 p.m. after school for students enrolled in pre-kindergarten to 5th grade.

Cost is $3 a day for before-school KIDS Care and $8 a day for the after-school KIDS Care. Registration fee is $20 per student. Contact 218-537-0469 or email ccskidscare@crosslakekids.org for more information or questions Kathy Faust Coordinator of KIDS Care.

During KIDS Care, students have the opportunity to play with friends, work on homework and wear off some energy with games and fun. They are also given a snack during after-school KIDS Care.

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